In Home Care

 Dog Sitting Done Right

Want to have your dog cared for but don’t want them to be boarded with other dogs? We have a service just for you!

Standard in home pet care services:

  • One-on-One time with Trained Pet Professionals
  • Potty Breaks
  • Feedings and water refills
  • Administer medications
  • Waste clean up
  • Playtime and Snuggles
  • Household check up (get mail, water plants, etc.)

*20 mile radius from the ranch – $25 per 30 minute in home care*

Upgrade to premium in home pet care services:

  • 20 minute street walk
  • Extra Playtime and Snuggle
  • Homemade Holiday Treat

*20 mile radium from the ranch – $45 per 60 minute in home care*

If you Want

More Services


Our overnight boarding services includes a spacious stress free private suite for your dog; a daily maid service; two meals a day (unless otherwise requested); and private play sessions. Owner has 30+ years experience. No inexperienced staff will be attending your pet. No pet is ever cage boarded.


Our world class groomers work on every breed and size. Grooming includes a bath, cleaning of the ears, anals externally expressed, nail trims along with the haircut you desire! Not all dogs need a haircut, we offer Deshedding treatments for those with short coats that need their loose hair removed.

Doggie Daycare

Treat your dog to a fun and active day away! Is your pup stressed out from being left at home alone all day? Maybe bored enough to eat the couch or favorite shoes? Bring your dog to Captain Creek Ranch for the day. It is a fun way to give your pup exercise, stimulation and socialization!


At Captain Creek Ranch Inc. We specialize in training that consists of positive reinforcement that is tailored to each dog and family. Whether you need a little assistance with a new puppy, or have an older dog needing a different direction; we can help you!

Grooming School

Dan Hoover, owner and instructor, is a 1983 graduate of The New York School Of Dog Grooming. Dan has a wide range of knowledge and expertise grooming all breeds of dogs. This intense grooming course is a 12 week hands on program that moves at your pace with an emphasis on scissor work.